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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Cooking Fire Safety


Cooking fires are the number one cause of residential fires and injuries. Most cooking equipment fires start with the ignition of common household items (food or grease, cabinets, wall coverings, paper or plastic bags, curtains, and more)

Cooking Safety Facts *

* Between 1999-2002, there were 114,000 reported home fires associated with cooking equipment every year, resulting in an annual 290 deaths and 4,380 injuries.

* Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home cooking fires.

* 3 in 10 reported house fires started in the kitchen -- more than any other place in the home.

* 2 out of 3 reported cooking fires started at the range or stove.

* Electric ranges or stoves have a higher risk of fires, injuries and property damage, compared to gas ranges or stoves, but gas ranges or stoves have a higher risk of fire deaths.

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Source: NFPA's "Home Cooking Fire Patterns and Trends" report by NFPA's John R. Hall, Jr.

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