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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

The Cost to Install Fire Sprinkler Systems


The debate constantly rages about how much it costs to install residential fire sprinklers. With many cities trying to legislate that all new homes have sprinklers installed, the home builders cry foul because it will raise the cost of the homes too much. The firefighters and the sprinkler coalitions always counter with much lower numbers.

Recently, I read someone spouting off about how it can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 to install fire sprinklers in a new construction home. This is an absolutely ludicrous figure that was backed up with no references. So I went to the National Association of Home Builders, the very organization that many claim believe that sprinkler installations cost too much, to find out how much they believe it costs.

According to an article on their site, called Fire Sprinklers and Homeowner Insurance, it discusses this very thing. Here's what the author discovered on the actual costs, according to builders:

"In 2007, the NAHB Research Center collected information on sprinkler costs in a nationwide survey completed by 102 builders who built 5,527 homes with fire sprinklers in 2006. The survey results show that the median cost of installing fire sprinklers in the 5,527 homes was about $5,573. The median size of the surveyed homes was 2,271 square feet, very close to the 2,248 square feet reported by the federal government for homes built in 2006."

The article also compares the costs to the claims made by Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Their figures are significantly lower:

"...the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition simply states that a good rule of thumb estimate is to add 1 to 1/½ percent to the cost of new housing. Applying this general rule to the $246,500 median price of a new home sold in 2006 is $246,500 translates into a $2,465 - $3,698 increase in its price."

There are many factors that affect the cost of installing fire sprinklers in a home. But at a range of $2500 at the lowest to a $5600 at the highest should allow for intelligent discussions on the true and rational costs of putting in sprinklers when building new houses. Adding to that the savings in homeowner insurance for having sprinklers, and it is usually not a "dealbreaker" when it comes to protecting a house and the family within.

Mandated or not, fire sprinklers are a good thing. If you need to find your own sprinkler installer, post your project with ConstructionDeal.com. We'll match you with fire sprinkler installers in your area. It's a fast, free and easy to use service. There is never any obligation or commitment to hire any of the members of our network. Give us a try -- you'll be glad you did.
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