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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Oregon Real Estate Agents Oppose Fire Sprinklers?


I'm always amazed at the people who object to mandatory sprinklers in new homes. In nearly every case, the person or organization who opposes sprinkler systems in homes is someone who's business may be hurt by an additional cost.

In this case, Oregon real estate agents oppose adding sprinklers to new homes. It is my opinion that the only reason there is an objection is due to the added cost on the sale of a new home because it might prevent them from receiving a commission.

It's sad that they would put the lives of the firefighters as well as the adults and children that they are selling these homes to before their own personal gain.

This City Council requirement isn't even for every new home built, only the ones on a certain grade that slows down fire company response time. It's always painfully obvious they have no argument when they make claims like the ones below:

From OregonLive.com: "MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — House builders and real estate agents want the City Council to overturn a rule that requires fire sprinklers in new single-family homes."

"The Medford Fire Department began imposing new standards last year that require sprinklers in new homes that a fire truck would have to climb a 10 percent grade to reach. The policy includes many areas of Medford because there are several steep street sections around the city."

"Dreyer said there are not enough studies that indicate sprinklers really make a difference. She said the benefits are negligible and the costs are expensive — a sprinkler system for a new 2,400-square-foot house costs $6,000."

"Kuntz said he doesn't object to the city requiring sprinklers in certain homes, but he does object to making a policy change without a public hearings."

By stating there are "not enough studies" that prove how effective, safe, and reliable a fire sprinkler system is, they have no credibility. Even the overstated costs of $6,000 is out there. In new home construction, the costs are much less because the systems are put in while the house is being built. A retrofit certainly costs more but not in a new building project.

Fire Sprinklers put fires out faster, with more efficiency, than waiting for and endangering the lives of firefighters. And with less damage.

It's been proven time and time again.

* photo - life safety fire protection

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