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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire Sprinklers Protect Condo in Myrtle Beach


According to ABC News Channel 15 in Myrtle Beach: "A sprinkler system was vital in preventing what could have been a bad fire."

"At 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, a small fire ignited in the trash collection room of the Avista Ocean Front Resort in North Myrtle Beach."

"'The fire ignited due to a discarded cigarette, carelessly tossed into the garbage of a condo unit, and then placed in the trash chute,' said North Myrtle Beach Fire Department Capt. Les Wiliamson."

"One automatic fire sprinkler head located within the trash collection room activated due to the heat, and extinguished the fire. Another fire sprinkler system head located within the vertical trash chute activated and prevented any extension up the trash chute. The trash chute's automatic fire door was released and sealed the vertical shaft, Williamson reported."

"Firefighters arrived on scene to find the steel waste collection container scorched and blackened, but no other damage."

"'Firefighters made sure the fire was out and turned off the water to that portion of the fire sprinkler system,' Williamson said. 'Within 30 minutes, the fire sprinkler contractor was on site to replace the fire sprinkler heads, and reset the fire sprinkler system.'"

"Williamson added, 'Fortunately, the garbage had been removed from the condo unit before it had a chance to ignite a fire within the unit itself. This is a good example of the job fire sprinkler systems perform daily around the country of saving lives and property, and negating the need for firefighters to risk their lives in buildings not equipped with fire sprinklers.'"

"The fire happened in the ground floor of the 300 unit complex. Williamson said two sprinkler heads must be replaced as well as the garbage cart at an estimated cost of about $100-plus labor."

"The quick extinguishing of this fire is a great example of how fire sprinklers save lives every day, Williamson stressed, and how they could have saved the lives of firefighters in Charleston earlier this summer."

"'Sadly, if the codes in place during construction of the Sofa Super Store in Charleston, had required fire sprinkler systems,' Williamson said, 'There would most likely be nine brave Charleston Firefighters reporting for duty today.'"


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