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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Residential Fire Sprinkler Do's and Don'ts


If you have sprinklers installed in your home, or you're planning to have them installed, here are some tips on what you should and should not do with the sprinklers in place.

Always Make Sure You:

1. Test your system every month. If you have a home security system in place, as well, make sure you notify the company that you are testing to avoid an unnecessary alarm for your local fire department. Open the test valve and listen for an alarm bell. Once the alarm sounds, turn off the valve. If alarm bell does not sound, contact a qualified fire sprinkler contractor.

2. Know the location of the System Shutoff Valve. Be sure all other members of of the household know the location as well.

3. Keep the System Control Valve is open at all times.

4. Upgrade your system if you extend, enlarge or remodel your house. Contact a licensed fire sprinkler contractor. Make sure the contractor submits plans to the fire department or Fire Marshall to secure the correct permit.

5. Contact the fire department when any activation occurs, even if the fire has apparently been extinguished.

Make sure you Do NOT:

1 Paint the sprinklers.

2. Damage the sprinklers.

3. Hang anything from the sprinklers.

4. Obstruct the sprinklers.

5. Cover the sprinklers.

6. Remove or attempt to Repair the sprinklers.

7. Disconnect or shut off Power to the system

If you experience a home fire, be calm and leave your house immediately. Call the fire department from a neighbor's house.

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