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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Overriding a Veto on Fire Sprinklers in South Carolina?


From the South Carolina site, Greenville Online.com, comes news of fire sprinkler legislation. This state has been affected by many fires recently with a great loss of life and property due to fire. And each was a case where fire sprinklers could and would have saved a lot of people and property. It sounds like good news, if lawmakers decide to override the governor's veto of the bill.

Here's the story: "COLUMBIA -- Some legislators predicted Thursday that lawmakers will override Gov. Mark Sanford’s veto of a bill to grant incentives to those who install fire sprinkler systems."

"Sanford vetoed the bill when he considered a batch of about 60 bills legislators passed recently. Among those he signed into law was a bill that would allow displays in public buildings of the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer as historical documents."

"Sanford vetoed the sprinkler bill because he said the tax credits offered were large enough that they amounted to a subsidy. The bill offers property owners installing sprinklers a local property tax credit equal to 25 of the cost of the fire sprinkler system and an additional 25 percent tax credit from the state."

"The state tax credit would depend on a local government approving local incentives."

"'The tax consequence of this bill is smaller than the one originally proposed, and in that regard, we give the General Assembly credit,' Sanford wrote in a letter to House Speaker Bobby Harrell."

"'However, it still creates a taxpayer-funded subsidy of 50 percent of the total cost of installation incurred by property owners who install fire sprinklers. It has been our position that taxpayers should represent the minority of investment in additions to a privately held concern like a hotel, restaurant or warehouse.'"

"Sanford also wrote that the bill was 'constitutionally suspect' because not all property owners in the state would be treated the same, with some getting incentives based on what their local governments did and others unable to take advantage of the law."

"'Some in legal circles have argued it makes no sense to make a distinction as to who is entitled to a tax credit based on the actions of their local government,' Sanford wrote."

"Sen. Danny Verdin of Laurens, who worked on the legislation and helped craft the compromise, said he believes lawmakers will override Sanford's veto based on their votes to pass the bill initially."

"'It is a good piece of legislation that will save lives, improve property value and contribute to the overall quality of life,' he said."

"Rep. Harry Cato of Travelers Rest, chairman of the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee, said he would be 'shocked' if the House didn't override the veto."

You can read the rest of the news story at Greenville Online.com.

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