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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire Sprinklers: Adding Value and Saving Money!


Having fire sprinklers in buildings is, naturally, a smart idea - it protects people and it protects the building. Sprinklers are an easy and affordable way to keep your investment safe. However, because there are laws and ordinances that require people to install them during construction or retrofit them in existing buildings, property owners see this as an added or extra cost.

What many building owners should consider is that installing fire sprinklers in any building should not be considered a burden - it should be seen as an opportunity to add value and save money!

By remodeling a building to install fire sprinklers, the owner can save money through their insurance. By having a fire sprinkler system installed in a hotel, mutli-family residence, warehouse, or office building, the property owner could cut their insurance rate from fifty to eighty-five percent (compared to non-sprinkler installed units.)

Depending on the type and age of the building, it's possible that building owners can receive an income tax credit. There are three types - a depreciation allowance for the value of the system, deductions on the interest of the loan, and for older buildings receiving sprinklers the owner could receive a Qualified Rehabilitation Tax Credit. Consult a tax accountant or attorney for more details.

The building owner could avoid liability damages. Courts decisions involving large life loss fires have gone against building owners that didn't have fire sprinklers, even if there were no laws or ordinances requiring them. This could mean that simply not having a sprinkler system retrofitted in could cost the building owner money.

When a building without sprinklers has a major fire, business is usually severely interrupted. Sites with sprinklers installed can usually stay open during fire cleanup. Even though insurance might cover losses from fire, it won't cover lost business during the fire damage cleaning process.

If you need to find a company to retrofit fire sprinklers into your existing building, post your project with ConstructionDeal.com. We'll match you with commercial fire sprinkler installation companies in your area - this will save you time. Having multiple bids from several companies will save you money. And it's free to post your request.


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