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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire Sprinklers Could Have Prevented Charleston Tragedy


On Monday, June 18th, all of the news channels were covering the warehouse furniture store fire down in Charleston, South Carolina, that took the lives of nine brave firefighters.

This was, yet again, another instance where a fire sprinkler system could have protected the people fighting the fire. The sprinklers would have activated as soon as the fire started and cut down or even eliminated the work that needed to be done.

Instead, we're faced with a tragedy.

From EarthTimes.org: "An installed automatic fire sprinkler system would have saved lives in a furniture store and warehouse inferno that occurred in Charleston, SC on June 18. Fueled by combustible stored materials, the uncontrolled fire spread quickly through the unsprinklered building, apparently undermining the structure and leading to a roof collapse. Nine firefighters died battling the blaze. According to the non-profit American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA), sprinklers would have controlled the fire, had they been installed in the building."

You can also read an article on CNN about this tragic event. There is also one up on Bloomberg, detailing the account.

If your business is in need of fire sprinklers, you can find a local company to inspect the site and let you know what is required. Post your request for free and we'll match you with a professional who can help prevent another tragedy.

(Photo courtesy of CNN.com)

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