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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire Safety Stressed As Fatalities Increase


According to the New York Garden City News online: "A substantial jump in the number of house fires with fatalities nationwide this month has fire chiefs across the country reaching out to the public to emphasize the importance of fire safety.

"We have lost too many people in home fires in the last two weeks," said President Chief Jim Harmes, president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. "Six people were recently killed in a house fire in Louisiana, two in house fires in Tennessee and one in my own community in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We have got to do something."

"People now have more protection available for their homes than ever before and yet they are losing their lives because they are not taking this protection seriously," he continued.

A quick check of media reports for the first 16 days of February reveals 59 house-fire fatalities across the country. Thirty fatalities were single or double fatalities, and 29 deaths resulted from just six house fires and were counted as multiple fatalities (three or more individuals).

"These are not just numbers; these are personal tragedies that each of us as a fire chief feels every time a life is lost," said Harmes.

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