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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

A Residential Fire Sprinkler Law Has Been Reversed


Huntley Village, Ill., a rapidly growing community near Chicago, has voted to reverse the two-year-old ordinance requiring residential fire sprinklers in new homes, citing the cost of installing and maintaining the systems as preventing homes from being competitively priced with neighboring communities. Since the ordinance was passed, more than 1,300 single-family homes are protected with fire sprinklers.

According to the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) the village's board members who voted to reverse the ordinance did not provide facts supporting the removal of the ordinance.

Tom Lia, executive director of NIFSAB, says there are currently 50 Chicago area municipalities/fire districts that require fire sprinklers. Six have passed their ordinances in the last year.

"I feel for Huntley Fire Chief Jim Saletta," Lia said, "He worked hard to pass the ordinance two years ago and to defend it last night. It's frustrating when elected officials don't support their own safety leaders."

Lia said the reversal is an embarrassment for Huntley. In addition to local fire officials watching the decision, many national safety organizations will be disappointed to hear about the ordinance reversal. Those organizations include the National Fire Protection Association, Home Safety Council and the U.S. Fire Administration.


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