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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire Sprinkler Concerns: Water Damage?


Should you be concerned about the amount of water that a sprinkler system will release during a fire?

It's true that sprinklers put out an efficient level of water to extinguish a fire in a residential or commercial application - it's usually around 50 gallons per minute. And that's a lot of water to lay down on the interior of a building. Especially if the sprinklers have to run for any length of time...

However, keep in mind that in a building that does not have sprinklers, a fire spreads very quickly - and when the fire department arrives to work on the blaze, their trucks will lay down around 200 gallons per minute. And, by that time, there will also be more extensive damage from the fire. A building with sprinklers will apply water at a much earlier stage, hopefully even preventing the need for the fire department to use their hoses.

If you're worried about a sprinkler system discharging when there is no fire, it shouldn't be a concern. The probability of a regular fire sprinkler discharging due to a manufacturing defect is only 1 in 16,000,000 sprinklers per year in service. Barring vandalism, which is rare, and lack of regular maintenance the system should never accidentally go off on it's own. With the technology of fire suppression systems today as well as the rigorous testing at the design stage in the factory, your building should not have any problem like this.

Consider ConstructionDeal.com if you need to find a local commercial or residential fire sprinkler company. Not only will fire sprinklers save you money on your insurance, using ConstructionDeal.com will help you receive several competitive bids from our network of companies that want your business -- that will also save you. And having the installers contact you will save you time. What more do you need?

And, if you were unlucky enough to have already had a fire in your building - you can use our site to find a quality Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company!

And it's free to find a local professional.

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