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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Hidden Fire Sprinkler Heads


For those worried that installing fire sprinklers in a home or office will result in ugly sprinkler heads or exposed water pipes, they might be disappointed. Todays technology means that there are a variety of sprinkler applications for any type of home or office building.

Sure, most commercial buildings have those exposed sprinkler heads that stick down from the ceiling. But it's more than likely the reason that it was the least expensive way to go. The water pipes can easily be fitted up in ceilings and away in walls. And there are many sprinkler heads on the market that can be rather difficult to spot in the ceiling. It's possible to mount the head so that it is flush with the ceiling, with a cap color that matches the room paint color. The cap simply falls away when the sprinkler system is activated. It might mean more money to have the hidden or hard-to-see sprinkler heads, but it's a great way to protect your property and your family and at the same time - your rooms still look great!

Don't let something simple as aesthetics come between you and safety. Fires kill and fires destroy. One sprinkler in one room is usually enough to put out any fire with very minimal damage to a room.

If you need to find a local fire sprinkler installation company, post your request for free with ConstructionDeal.com. It's the smart way to find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor - it's fast, free and easy!

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Now technology are so high tech... i love to buy this hidden fire sprinkle heads at my house... thanks for sharing a great blog!foundation repair
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