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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

FAQs - Do All Sprinklers Come On At Once?


Just as homeowners and business owners worry too much sprinkler water will cause more damage than a fire, the thought of all the sprinklers coming on at the same time is also a matter of concern. If there is a fire a one room, they ask, will all the sprinklers throughout the house or building come on and spray where there is no fire?

The truth is that the fire sprinkler systems are set up to react only to the temperature change within the room with the fire. So if you have a fire in a kitchen, the temperature will rise and trigger the sprinklers to come on in that room. If the fire were to spread, that change in temperature will allow more sprinklers to come on but only in the new location and not all across the building.

What's odd is that most sprinkler applications wouldn't even have enough water pressure to turn on all the sprinkler nozzles at the same time.

Another myth is that smoke will set off a fire sprinkler system. This is also not true. Smoke will set off a fire alarm, but residential and commercial sprinkler installations are set to turn on for temperature changes only. They're usually set to go off between 155 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't let worrisome tales and myths about Fire Sprinkler Systems prevent you from saving your property, your business, or your family. To find a local sprinkler installation expert, post your request with ConstructionDeal.com. Our network of fire sprinkler companies will help give you true peace of mind and it's free to find a pro in your area!

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