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The Smart Way to Find a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Cost of Fire Sprinkler Installation


How much will it cost you to install a fire sprinkler system in you home? The cost is surprisingly low for a home that is or will be under construction. All the pipes and fittings can be installed before ceilings and drywall are in place and it can be very affordable. The cost average is usually less than 1% of the your total building price. Another way to look at it would be an installation and materials charge of about $1.00 or less per square foot.

That is for new construction, however, and many are interested in finding out the costs to install a fire sprinkler system in their current home. The prices generally go up when it comes to retrofitting an existing house. Mostly because of the work involved to replace drywall or plaster in all the rooms, which involves a lot of labor and additional materials. Costs can run from $2 to $5 per square foot in a retrofit, and jump up as high as $10 per if the work needed is more specialized and difficult. Of course, these costs are comparable to adding carpeting or hardwood flooring per square foot -- and they can save your life and property. A large suburban home retrofit could run about $8000.

Keep in mind that there can be significant insurance savings whenever you add a residential fire protection system. You're cutting the chances of a property being lost in a fire, which saves insurance companies money, and they'll reward you for adding a system. Check with your company or shop and compare insurance providers for the best deals before you check with an installer. And sprinklers can reduce the costs associated with fire damage by 40 to 70%.

If you'd like to talk with a local fire sprinkler company about a possible installation, post your request on ConstructionDeal.com - it's a fast, free service to find a sprinkler contractor. And you're under no obligation to hire anyone.

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